5 Foods you should not eat if you are trying to lose weight


Lots of Experts will tell you don’t deny yourself little indulgences every now and then, so sweets are off the list, yet some foods must be avoided at all cost especially if you are trying to lose weight.

Snacks that are made entirely from Carbs

When you eat dry cereals, bread or crackers, your body converts all these carbs to sugar and then releases insulin. Insulin will lower your blood pressure instantly and then you will have low blood sugar. This means you will still feel hungry and reach out for sugar. This circle is wicked and is anti-weight loss for sure.

Frozen meals

When frozen meals’ manufacturers make them, they have to add sodium, a natural preservative, to keep them for a longer time. Sodium causes your body to retain water and makes you look bloating even though you might in fact be losing weight.

Also many frozen meals come in small packs that are full of calories. Your perception of the small package unconsciously leads to low satisfaction and the hunger games continue on and on.

Low fat foods

In the unlikely event that you encounter a true low fat food, please beware that people tend to eat more by 30% when they think they are having a “low fat diet”.

The weight loss goals can be smashed just by keeping on eating such foods without this information in mind.


It takes several oranges to make one glass of juice as we all know. Drinking the juice means getting all the calories inside it and avoiding all the fibre in the fruit itself that can, in fact, fill you up.

Also Fructose, the natural sugar in the fruit, will always mask your body perception of being full. So you end up eating after drinking this glass of juice. When some of us see juice as an alternative to a real fruit, the science tells us this is another practice that will not help weight loss goals

Artificially sweetened soda drinks

When some of us drink the soda drinks, like diet coke or Pepsi, their cravings for food increase. If you are that type of person and your mind works this way, you can substitute the soda with sparkling water or water and lemon. Both don’t have sweeteners and sparkling water carbon makes your stomach full.

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