6 Tips for successful Steak Grilling


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Learn these rules by heart and the skill to grill will be in your bones!

1-Warm your steak up

Take your steak out of the fridge at least one hour before starting. Skip that and you’ll get charred steak with raw meat inside.

2-Consider the right thickness

A successfully grilled steak needs attention to its thickness, so that it is not too thick to be well done or too thin and burnt!.

3-Salt it , salt it, salt it

Few hours before you grill your steak, make sure to sprinkle it with salt and leave it to rest.Salt is absorbed into the cells and leave your steak moist and juicy.

4-Use non grind pepper

Grind your black pepper directly on your steak to preserve the essence and freshness. Never use the ready made grind spices on your grill, specially black pepper.

5-Use meat thermometer

You read it right! a perfect grill should be taken seriously , so invest in buying a meat thermometer and measure the internal temperature of your meat. A temperature of 125 degrees means medium rare.

6-Let the meat rest

Ten minutes of calmness and  rest ,will do wonders to your steak. Just leave it to rest and allow the juices to spread evenly inside. If you wish you can tent it with an aluminium foil to let the aromatic fumes get back inside!

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8 Secrets to successful Cake


We were asked many times why the simple cakes go terribly bad? The answer came with much research and we wanted to share the results with you.

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1-Use shiny metal pans

Shiny aluminum pans reflect the heat away from the cake, giving it a brown tender crust, while the black based pans usually store much heat and transmit it to your cake base.

2-Use the suitable pan size

Measure your pan from inside edge to inside edge. Using a large pan will flatten your cake, while using a smaller pan , will lead to your cake spilling out and taking longer time to bake.

3-Stick to the recipes’ directions

When you want a foam cake, don’t grease your pan while butter cakes need greased pans.

4-Heat the oven

Prior to baking your cake ,you have to heat it for 10-15 minutes.

5-Don’t over beat or under beat

Both over and under beating your batter will affect the volume, texture and consistency of your cake. Most recipes are prepared with electric mixer, which produces high speeds. To be very accurate every 1 minute with an electric mixer equals 150 strokes by hand .

6-Fill pans half way

Never fill your pan more than half. Allow your cake to bake evenly and prevent your batter from over flowing.

7-Know where to place your pan in the oven

Place single pans in the middle of the center rack. For more than one pan, leave at least 1 inch between the pans and the sides of the oven for good air circulation. If necessary, stagger the pans on two oven racks so one is not directly above the other so that air flows evenly around them. If you are baking cakes on both racks, it’s a good idea to rotate the pans midway through the baking period.

8-Cool the cake

Before filling or frosting or glazing your cake, you must leave it to cool completely.

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