The food that can cause you CANCER

What food can cause cancer?


You can be shocked to know that there are many hazardous substances in one of the most loved foods ,specially by kids, HOT DOG.

Hot dogs were first made by German immigrants in USA and they continued to be the most popular food in the whole world.

Hot dog is made of beef, chicken or pork but also from any “edible” left overs like feet,head, skin and fatty tissue. These are all combined to form a thick paste.

After that, additives are added to give flavor and preserve the hot dogs .These are mainly corn syrup, MSG (monosodium glutamate), salt, nitrates and so on which are supposed to refine the taste of the sausage.

The amount of the additives vary according to the consumer markets. No one ever knows what are the actual amounts of these preservatives in each Hot dog.

One hot dog a day can increase the chances of getting colorectal cancer even by 21%, as asserted by the American Institute for Cancer Research.

May be it is time to rethink your most favorite treat “HOT DOGS”

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