10 Facts you may not know about Chocolate


What Is It?

1-Each Cacao tree produces about 2500 Beans.

2-It takes 400 beans to make just one pound of chocolate.

3-Cacao trees are very sensitive.Each year 1/3 of the crop is damaged .

4-Theobroma Cacao is the name of the tree that produces Cacao beans ,and it means “Food Of Gods”.

Where is it from?

5-70% of Chocolate comes from West Africa.

6-Rudolph Lindt designed the first cinching (grinding) machine for Cacao beans.

7-Most Cacao farms are family owned , not owned by large companies producing chocolate.

Savor Chocolate

8-It takes two to four days to make a single serving chocolate bar. If you wish to taste real home made Chocolate click here

Who depends on Chocolate?

9-Worldwide there are 40-50 million people depending on chocolate to make their living.

10-Spanish royalty give cakes of Cacao in their dowries and weddings.

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5 Romantic ways to celebrate Valentine’s day


Valentine’s day story

According to Legend, saint Valentine was sent to jail for performing marriage ceremonies to soldiers without the king’s permission. In jail ,he fell in love with the daughter of his jailer and sent her a love letter ,signed as, Your Valentine, just before he was sentenced to death.

Whether you are spending Valentine’s day with your lover or with your friends or family, here are some Romantic ideas to enjoy an amazing valentine’s day:

1-Express with a rose

Roses have always symbolized love, admiration, condolences and friendship. While the lavender roses signifies “love at first sight”, the yellow ones stand for friendship, Orange are for excitement and Red roses definitely emphasizes beauty and love.

2-Dress up like it is the most special day

Whether you are dining at home or going to a fancy restaurant , make sure to look your best in the eyes of your loved ones.

Most women enjoy dressing up and looking glamorous, and they sure love to see their men looking as good as they were on their first date.

3-Sweets for your sweet


Chocolates are the stars of the show. It is true that a delicious gift can be more appreciated than an expensive gift. Buy your lover some awesome chocolates from here and if you fancy some Truffles , you can also order here , but be sure to reserve 48 hours on advance, cause if it was good, then it must be handmade chocolates.

4-Spend quality time with your loved one

Plan to spend some quality time with your lover. Sit together and enjoy a movie you like. Keep away from distractions. Get off your phone and internet ,for one special day and have some time alone together.

5-Cook to your spouse

Man ,or woman, everyone enjoys a meal ,not prepared by oneself. So get a nice recipe from here and start cooking .You can prepare all you need ,so you only spend a little time cooking.

If you are really,not into cooking, You can buy from here ,a mega grill meal that will leave you both very happy for the rest of the day.

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