6 Foods that should be kept in your freezer



Freeze your bread after you slice it immediately. Whenever you need it, just pop slices in the toaster and you save the day.

2-Ripe Banana

Ripe bananas are great for banana bread, but who wants to bake in the middle of the week! Just slice it and freeze it.You can later make your favorite bread or add them to smoothies and they taste awesome when frozen.


Chicken or meat stock can linger in the back of your fridge till they get damaged. It is time to freeze them in liquid tight sealed containers and use them for your next meals.


Don’t be surprised. Nuts are also perishable products. If you do’t want the oil inside getting rancid, freeze them and use them later.

5-Cookies’ dough

You don’t need to make new batches of dough every time you crave a cookie. Just make sure to keep your dough into small portions in an ice cube tray and freeze them .Pop them in the microwave and bake fresh cookies when you feel like it.

6-Fresh herbs

Every time you buy coriander, you end up throwing more than half of it. chop the fresh herbs, with olive oil into an ice cube tray and freeze it. Make sure to toss a cube into a pot of sauce or soup when you need it.